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You can check out our case studies, but hiring an agency is a big decision. So we decided, why not remove any uncertainty and just show you what we can do. We're so confident you'll be happy with us we'll give you 2 months free.

How it works

  • We'll work on your project as if you were a full agency client for 2 months.
  • We'll agree on goals to hit ahead of time within that period. If we hit the goals, you sign a longer term agreement with us. If not, you keep the work we did at no charge.
  • We'd love to be able to do this for everyone, but you can't be a brand new company with few results so far. This is for established companies that want to take their marketing to the next level. If you're a new company, contact us and request a proposal. You may be surprised at how reasonable our prices are.

Why we're doing this

Because who doesn't like a free trial? Especially with a big decision like which agency to hire. If we can do what we say, we should be willing to prove it. It's also not just about results and knowledge, a 2-month trial gives you the opportunity to see how much fun we are to work with!

Plus, we consistently get big results within the first two months anyway. See this case study, this one, this one too, another one here, oh and one more here.


These are some rough guidelines to see if you qualify for the 2-months free program:

  • If your goal is lead generation, you must already be generating at least 20 leads per month online.
  • If you're an ecommerce business, your revenue must be $10-20k per month or more. That doesn't necessarily have to be through your website. Could be Amazon or another channel.
  • This offer applies to the following services: SEO, PPC (Google/Bing ads), Facebook ads, or conversion rate optimization.
  • For SEO: Keep in mind SEO usually takes time, so we'll take a look at your situation and see if we can make a big impact in a 2-month window or not. For established sites we often can, but it's a little more case-by-case. At the very least we can tell you why or why not.
  • For PPC (Google/Bing ads) or Facebook ads: You must already be running campaigns and having some success.
  • If you're unsure, it can't hurt to apply.

Common questions

What kind of goals would we set for the 2 month project?

Whatever you want. Maybe it's x% more leads or ecommerce sales, maybe it's cutting your current ad spend x% while still generating the same number of leads or sales. Maybe it's increasing ecommerce average order value by x%. You may already have something in mind. Tell us what it is and we'll tell you if it's doable, or we'll work with you to define some reasonable goals for the 2-month period.

What happens if you don't hit the 2-month goals?

That's totally up to you. If we didn't hit the goals but you want to continue working together, then we can do that. Otherwise, you get to keep whatever work we did for those 2 months at no charge.

Do you work in my industry?

We've worked with a wide variety of clients in all kinds of industries. If you're an existing company with some traction already, and your goal is to generate leads or ecommerce revenue, we can probably help.

What if I'm a new company or I haven't seen much traction online yet?

Contact us and request a proposal. You may be surprised at how reasonable our prices are.

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Client comments

We have raving fans

We did in one month what we used to do in the fourth quarter.
Peter Papas
Blade + Blue
We've met or exceeded goals on a regular basis...We've never failed at it...It's an immense amount of growth.
Ken Schmaltz
Tisch Scientific
They're responsible for helping us increase our conversion rates over 90%!
Chase Shiels
Whitewater Forest Products
They've helped take our efforts to the next level.
Jen Saltsman
Xavier University
My business had $500k in annual sales, we now do over $7m.
Chris Carey
Windows Direct USA
They were amazing. In a very short period of time they were able to optimize our PPC campaigns and reduce our cost per sale to a third of what it was before
Devesh Patel
OneStop Parking
Within a month of switching to UFO to manage our extensive PPC campaign we saw impressive changes.
Megan Straw-Meisler
Loadmaster Trailer Co
In less than a week I went from 0 calls to more than 10 a day.
Joe Dills
Techna Glass
After the site launch we saw a big increase in leads and they continue to be a valuable resource in helping us pull insights out of Analytics.
Sarah Shewmaker
The Motz Group
John's understanding of SEO and paid search is very deep...It's been an exceptional privilege to have had the opportunity to learn as much as I have from him
Roger Stevenson
Gotham Soccer
We've gone from 10th or 11th page to 1st or 2nd place on all of our target keywords
Justin Bolduc
Crane Tec, Inc.
They produced results that were far superior to any other company I've worked with.
Jerry Weber
The WEB Extreme Entertainment
They conducted a site audit and implemented the recommendations and we saw search engine traffic more than double within about a month.
Missy Fox
Paradrome Properties
I was so impressed with their services that I later reached out to them to do some SEO work for me.
Ian E. Scott, Esq., M.B.A., C.P.A., J.D. Harvard Law School
Scott Legal PC
Meet the team

Small & Scrappy + Experience = Ignition!

You won't be a small fish in a big pond with us, which means you get the attention you need to thrive. But we're also the safest option out there. We've been in business for over 15 years and our team averages 13 years marketing experience and 17 years professional experience. So we've seen it all, and then some.

John Crenshaw - Partner/CEO

John started this firm 15 years ago selling websites on Craigslist to realtors. He's worked with companies ranging from 1-person real estate practices to Fortune 500 companies and everything in between.

His strengths lie in understanding data and finding elegant solutions to challenging problems that drive exponential results.

Years experience: 15

Check John out on LinkedIn here

Andrea Larsen - Partner/COO

Andrea's been building websites for fun - yes fun - for nearly 20 years now. She got her feet wet in e-commerce at Frontgage. After that she joined Barefoot Proximity in Cincinnati, working her way up to Director of Technical Delivery, managing a team of 10 technical project managers launching sites for brands like P&G, ExxonMobil, and Bayer Crop Sciences.

Our clients are always raving about how great she is to work with and we're lucky to have her on the team.

Years experience: 20

Check Andrea out on LinkedIn here

Julie Tran - Creative Director

Julie also joins us from Barefoot, where she Associate Creative Director leading teams of 15 or more on brands like Febreeze, Swiffer, Mr. Clean, Alka Seltzer, K9 Advantix, and many others.

Julie has an amazing ability to drill into the core needs of a brand and quickly understand exactly what's needed to connect with its audience.

Years experience: 14

Check Julie out on LinkedIn here

Dwayne Lynn - Growth Marketer

Dwayne is the newest member of the team. Prior to joining UFO, Dwayne built and sold a painting company, so he has a deep understanding of the needs and challenges of growing a business from nothing. He specializes in e-commerce, PPC, SEO, content, social media, and conversion rate optimization.

Years experience: 4

Check Dwayne out on LinkedIn here