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Client Comments

Jen Saltsman
Senior Digital Content Strategist, Xavier University
UFO’s consulting services have helped take our marketing team’s efforts to the next level. They’ve done an excellent job at collaborating with us to refine our SEO strategy, identify major opportunities and develop an actionable plan for our team. Because of their knowledge and help, we’ve seen an increase in organic search traffic and have also increased our Google ranking for some of our target search terms. Looking forward to partnering with UFO on future projects!

Ken Schmaltz
Division Manager, Tisch Environmental, Inc.
We reached out to John because we had our ecommerce site redesigned and rankings, traffic, and sales dropped quite a bit as a result. We made the decision to rebuild the site and UFO...After this new site launch and with the help of their SEO & PPC work, we're now on track to have our biggest year ever. They deep expertise in everything from SEO and PPC to analytics and conversion rate optimization...they've really become an advisor to the marketing side of the business that we've found invaluable.
Joe Dills
Owner, Techna Glass Cincinnati
I had a larger, well-known marketing company managing paid search for my auto glass franchise and they weren't getting the job done so I reached out to UFO. After meeting with John I decided to make a switch. I'm glad I did. In less than a week I went from 0 calls to more than 10 a day. On top of that I had an issue with the phone company and one of my phone lines went down. I emailed John on a Saturday afternoon and he had my ads updated within 20 minutes. I joked that [UFO] is this small company in Cincinnati and they're beating up on that big national company I was working with before!
Chris Carey
Owner, Windows Direct
I started using UFO in 2014. My business had $500k in annual sales, we now do over $7m in annual sales and the majority of our marketing has been digital which John and UFO handled our PPC, SEO, & website. I'd recommend for sure!
Sarah Shewmaker
Marketing Manager, The Motz Group
We had our website redesigned...after the site launch we saw a big increase in leads and they continue to be a valuable resource in helping us pull insights out of Analytics. We plan to continue to partner with them because they're reliable, dedicated, and extension of our marketing team!
Ian E. Scott, Esq., M.B.A, C.P.A.
J.D. Harvard Law School, Founder, Author, Board Member
My traffic had dropped 50% and I was worried that something had been implemented incorrectly and that I was losing business. John did a comprehensive assessment of the website and our analytics over time and put my mind at ease. His assessment was thorough and he explained things so that I understood them. I was so impressed with John's services that I later reached out to him to hire him to do some SEO work for me. I highly recommend John.
Megan Straw-Meisler
Owner, Loadmaster Trailer Co
Within a month of switching to UFO to manage our extensive PPC campaign we saw impressive changes. Now a handful of months later and we have never had more lead generation from our website. Cost per conversion is way down...we're very happy with our decision to use UFO!
Roger Stevenson
President/CEO, Gotham Soccer League
I've worked with John for several years now and out of all my professional experience, recommend him with highest honors. John's understanding of SEO and paid search is very deep...It's been an exceptional privilege to have had the opportunity to learn as much as I have from him and if you have the need and opportunity I recommend you take the chance.
Justin Bolduc
Vice President, Crane-Tec
We've gone from 10th or 11th page to 1st or 2nd place on all of our target keywords and their hard work and innovative thinking have kept us at the top for over 3 years. I consider their SEO optimization an integral part of our sales strategy.
Chase Shiels
Founder, 4ME Group
Simply put, working with [UFO] makes life easier. They take ownership of your project and offer honest feedback. Their honesty is most important, because if you listen (and you should!) you'll thank them. They're responsible for helping us increase our conversion rates by 90%. UFO isn't just “another web company” – their credentials and their results prove it.
Jerry Web
Owner, The WEB Extreme Entertainment
They produced results that were far superior to any other company I've worked with. They put together a couple of strategies that moved us into the top 3 of the online search terms and refined our Google Ads campaigns to produce results that mattered.
Missy Fox
Owner, Paradrome Properties
We hired UFO because we had seen our traffic from search engines on a steady decline. They conducted a site audit and implemented the recommendations and we saw search engine traffic more than double within about a month. John was great to work with and got the job done quickly. I can definitely recommend them.
Nicole DeRogatis
Director of Marketing, K4 Architecture
I really enjoy partnering with John. He always makes himself available to me – whether in person or by phone. John quickly established rapport with the employees on my team. He is an excellent collaborator, educator & digital marketing resource!
Christie Schmidt
Marketing Coordinator, IVC Technologies
I did manage to start the [SEO] training...and I LOVE IT! It's exactly what I was looking for!
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