How ADT could drive 10x more traffic to their crime maps

A single page on ADT is already driving over 30k searches monthly. These are pretty impressive results. Let's talk about how we could 10x that.

We use this strategy with clients all the time and I get REALLY excited when you can get huge results with simple tweaks so I had to share this.


Yo what's up guys? I wanna talk about something that is pretty awesome. This is a case study that I saw on the Moz blog for a marketing company.

They did a piece of content for ADT, the security company, like the Home Security Company. And they did this piece of marketing content. This one page drove 30,000 monthly searches and we'll show this, we'll put this up on the screen. We can show the actual case study here on the Moz blog. You can go read it if you want and it's pretty awesome. 30,000 monthly searches for keywords, you know Ahrefs is estimating traffic value at about $18,000 a month. if you were to pay for that same amount of traffic on Google Ads, for example.

That's pretty amazing, but let's talk about how they can make it even better.

So let's jump over to the computer here and take a look. So here's the page on ADT's website. This is a crime map and it's ranking for the general term Crime Map, which if we jump over to Ahrefs here, this is a tool that tells us... take a look like a keyword tool gives us a lot of traffic volume data. It's showing us that page alone is getting about 26,000 visits a month from organic search and that traffic value if you were to pay for that same traffic in Google Ads on a cost per click basis, you'll be paying about $18,000 a month for that traffic.

That's pretty good for a single piece of content. So these guys did an amazing job. But here's a big way they could massively improve this. I mean, like 10X improved this probably.

So let's take a look at the actual keyword. So here's the search results for the keyword crime map.

And I'm in Portland, Oregon right now. So as you can see the top 1, 2, 3, 4... the top four results are all Portland. All specific to Portland. Number five is not.. Lexus Nexus is general. Then we look at This is Portland specific this one's general. So out of the top.. What is it 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 results out of the top seven results, five of them are specific to Portland, Oregon specific to my location..

And so these guys could dramatically improve the traffic to this page if all they did was automatically change the URLs when you search.

So, for example, I can go in here and put in a zip code. Let's say I put in like 97215. That's a Portland, Oregon zip code. We hit enter and that gives us a zip code in Portland, right, and then if we scroll down it gives us... I might have to click this or something... there we go. So if I click it updates right so there we go now. We've got Portland, Oregon crime statistics and all they're doing here is they're using a table to look up the zip code and then match that to a city.

So they already have this table in the tool, in this piece of software that was coded for this page. They already have the data so all they would have to do is when I search for. Portland, Oregon, or I search a zip code 97215 instead of... Look at the URL, the URL is the same... so it's still /crime.

So what you would wanna do is if you search 97215 the tool goes and looks up the city and state right, which is how it returns all of the crime stats for that city and state. But the additional thing it should do is it should redirect you to a. URL. I would probably structure it like state/city. I'd probably structure it like that.

I would maybe even get more specific with it. So Portland, Oregon 97215 is the. Southeast area of Portland, Oregon, so I would maybe even say like Southeast. Or you can get even more specific if you had some good data. You could say it's the Hawthorne area of of Portland, Oregon. So you can almost get the URL super specific here. But you wouldn't necessarily have to do that.

They already have the data to pull these crimes statistics so they already have the table to look up state and city. So basically what they would wanna do is this. So that if you search 97215, it would automatically, when it loaded the new map, it would load it on this URL okay. And that's a tiny little change.

That doesn't seem that important. but what that would do is it would allow Google to index all of those city and state URLs. And how many cities and States are there around the country... like thousands. Probably. I don't know how many there are. Tens of thousands? That would be tens of thousands of URLs, unique individual URLs, that Google could index and then rank because Google's already ranking the city specific stuff.

That's what they wanna see at the top apparently because if you go Google something and you see a bunch of stuff at the top, that's probably what Google wants at the top. So they want city specific stuff.

So if we created URLs that Google could index that were city specific and then if you search this if you hit Portland Oregon, right now it goes to an error page. I'm getting a 404 page... still loading. So yeah, the page is missing they would 10X their traffic..

They would probably get the number one spot because here's the thing. ADT is already... I talked about brand awareness being an important factor in SEO and specifically brand awareness within the sort of space that you're competing. We gotta think who has brand awareness in crime maps. I mean the cities have brand awareness in crime maps maybe. I'm sure this Neighborhood Scout does because. I think that's a pretty well known site.

But ADT is pretty close. I mean there's a security company. So there's a pretty tight marriage there for the most part between crime maps and security companies. And so they have this level of authority in this space that is gonna be hard for any other organization to match. I say this a lot that the real companies in the space often have way more brand awareness and way more authority in that space than anyone else, including like the aggregator sites or this Neighborhood Scout.

This is just a tool to view crime stats. ADT is literally a anti-crime company, basically.. And they're well known and pretty much everybody knows who ADT is so they have massive brand awareness here. So I have almost no doubt that if ADT did this one change, they would rank number one for this term. if not number one, then definitely in the top three for sure in every city across the country, in every city that they had a map for.

And their traffic, you know if we look at this, total organic traffic is 26,000 right now to that page. Let's take a look at what the total traffic is for crime maps... crime map, crime maps... let's look at a city... Portland crime map. Just to get sort of a feel for how much traffic volume there might be at the city level.

Okay. So now we can see the total volume for crime maps is about 46,000. Total volume for crime maps. It's about 6,100. But then look at the cities. LA crime maps, 1,700, Portland crime Map 1,200. Multiply that by I don't know, 1000, 10000 cities. I don't know how many cities are in the US. Let's Google it and find out.

19,000 incorporated cities. So let's use that number and just say out of 19,000 incorporated cities.. Let's say there's a very small amount of volume like maybe times 200 searches a month per city. Versus you know. LA has 1,700 Portland has 1,200. Let's just say there's an average of only 200 times 19,000 cities.

That's 3.8 million searches a month.

Now I doubt it's really quite that high. I bet most people are searching crime map. But I bet they could at least 10X the amount of traffic they're getting just by adding city and state URLs to the way this tool functions.

So that's a super quick tip. What a massive improvement in SEO you can make with really, really small tweaks.

But in general, I mean these guys did an amazing job on this piece of content. So it's clearly driving a killer result.

John Crenshaw
John Crenshaw
UFO company founder. 15+ years experience in performance marketing.
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