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We've been helping companies drive incredible performance in digital marketing since 2007.

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ohn Crenshaw founded UFO (formerly "Razorlight Media") in 2007 with a focus on performance marketing using SEO, PPC, content, and paid media.

Over the past 12+ years we've continued to drive amazing results for clients:

  • Helped a forestry equipment manufacturer add double-digit millions to the top line in a single year (case study)
  • Helped an airport parking company almost quadruple revenue from paid and organic search (case study)
  • Took a local window company from $500k to $7 million in 5 years (case study)
  • Doubled revenue for a biomedical company, then doubled it again (case study)
  • Check out all our case studies for more

In 2020, they rebranded as UFO, aligning the brand messaging with what they've been doing all along: Helping SMBs drive aggressive growth through uniquely creative and technical performance marketing strategy, training, and execution.

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Phone consultation

A quick initial phone call can help us figure out what you need and whether we'd be a good fit to help you meet your goals.

Finding the solution

We offering strategy, training, and execution to meet most digital marketing needs. We bring in top-of-their-field contractors to fill gaps in execution. So whether you just need strategy, coaching or training for your team, or help with the execution, we can probably help.

Research and strategy

Every project is different. We usually start with research into your organization as well as your industry and competitors, which leads to a strategy and execution plan.

Test, measure, learn, iterate

Some of our clients use us and our network to handle execution, others manage execution internally with some input from us, and some projects take a mix of those approaches.
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