SEO for Remodeling Contractors


All right, boys and girls, let's talk about Cincinnati remodeling contractors. We're going to Google it and see what's ranking. Talk about some of the thoughts we want to consider if we were trying to rank for this term in the search engine. So we're going to use Cincinnati. We're gonna use remodeling contractors.

Um, so first, you know, as we skim this list, we could see there's a lot of what we call aggregator sites or directory sites. So home advisor Angie's list Yelp. These are sites that list other companies. So these are not, obviously Yelp's not a remodeling contractor themselves. They list remodeling contractors on their website.

We're going to talk about that. That's a really, really important, important thing to consider here. But before we do that, we want to talk about, um, what the customer is looking for, like who is actually searching this term. Okay. We also have to think about like who we are. Like, who are we trying to reach?

What service are we providing? So let's define those two things really quick. So first of all, let's assume that if we're trying to rank for a remodeling contractor, that we actually are a remodeling contractor, uh, but it helps to think about this a little more deeply. So what do we do exactly do we do?

Um, I, I've never worked in the remodeling space, so I don't know exactly what's in there, but I'm assuming they're different components and everybody, you know, that are different roles. Uh, for the entire process, uh, some people are better at other, at some roles than others. So for example, there might be architects, there might be interior designers.

There might be, um, who does the structural design? Maybe that's the architect. I'm not sure. Um, but there's somebody designing the structure itself? Uh, not just the, like the interior of the furniture and the wallpaper in the, in the, in the paint. Um, who else might there be? There's construction people. So there's a, uh, my guess is that it.

If we get to lay the land, my guess is that most remodeling contractors are probably primarily. Architecture firms or design firms, and then they contract out a lot of the other work. Alternatively, my guess would be that a lot of them might be, might also be construction teams with a little bit of a design component in there as well.

And then they contract everything else out. Maybe there are like a GC, a general contractor and they contract out, uh, say the flooring or the carpet or the framing. Cause these are all very different jobs, right? Typically you're not going to have. Uh, I did framing once in college, the guys that framed the houses are not the same guys that installed the hardwood floors.

These are totally different jobs. So let's just assume that we are a remodeling contractor. We do some light design work. We don't do architecture. We'll bring in an architect if we need that. We, uh, we we're a general contractor. So we contract out the individual components of the build. Of the process and that's where our value is.

Our value is in our design talent and knowing how to sort of assemble the team and, and, uh, and make it happen. This is very, very important to identify, uh, where you are and what your, what your role is compared to other people that might be trying to rank for this term. Because what we might find is that people searching Cincinnati, remodeling contractors.

Maybe they're not looking for that. Maybe they're actually looking for. Architects. Probably not, but possibly they're looking for like individual contractors, right? Like individual people to come out who are kind of cheap sort of Jack of all trades and do everything for a relatively low cost. And there's probably a lot more people looking for that.

Then there are people looking for us if we're like a legit remodeling company. So that that's really important to think through. Um, so let's, let's, let's use that is who we are. Right. And then let's talk about who our customer is. I did a little bit of research on this before this video, and I've never worked in the space, but my guess is that there are far more individual contractors out there that do remodeling work.

Uh, then there are like companies like, you know, 20 person companies doing remodeling work, um, My guess is there's also a hell of a lot more demand for that lower priced work. Those individual contractors probably charge a lot less granted. They're probably a little less experienced. Um, but you know, they don't have the overhead of an office and sports staff and, you know, maybe not insurance and certifications in certain areas.

Uh, so maybe my guess is that that lower end of the market is much larger. So if, um, if we're a company, if let's say we have 20 people and we do design and remodeling, uh, we're probably going to be going after a relatively small subset of the people who are actually searching Cincinnati remodeling contractors.

Right? Typically you have more people searching at the lower end of a market. Um, then you do at the middle or higher end as you go higher up in the market that typically the size of that market is smaller. Um, which makes sense, uh, naturally. So, uh, that's something to consider. We've got all these, like we've got all these lower end searches, people looking for a cheaper project, basically a really small project, maybe just looking to like re floor their kitchen or something, and then we've got.

Uh, people looking for bigger stuff. We want the people looking for bigger stuff. We probably don't want to go after those people looking for smaller stuff. Cause it's just not going to be profitable for us. We really need to, our value is in doing all of the work, doing the design or, you know, project PM-ing the project, uh, you know, finding the right contractors for the right stuff.

That is, that's where our value is going to come in. If you just need to like put in new cabinets in your kitchen, we're probably not going to be the best value. So we have to think about that when we think about who's searching and why we want to try to rank for that keyword. And should we rank for that keyword in the first place?

So my guess is most of the people searching this term are lower end on the market looking for smaller jobs. Uh, that said there's no reason to believe that our target customer, these larger projects are not also searching this term. Uh, so it's probably a term we want to go after now where we would prioritize that.

Compared to all the other marketing, accurate activities we could be doing. I don't know that that, that, that, that will come into play in that decision. But as we scroll down, here's what let's, let's talk about what we see ranking. So we see a couple of local companies in the maps pack, and that's typically what you'll see.

This is very focused around, um, for whatever reason, wherever Google thinks the center of the center of the remark remodeling activity is or search activity or whatever you can see. It's not even centered in downtown Cincinnati. I wouldn't worry too much about that. Um, I mean, if you're a remodeling contractor, obviously you want to try to show up here, but, uh, you can see how small that area is.

And honestly, if you're searching Cincinnati remodeling contractors, and you're not in that area, you're not going to show up. Like, it doesn't matter how well you do in here. Google might change that area, but you know, it can be hard to get in there unless you have, you're physically located within that.

Um, within the, the maps area that Google showing. So as we scroll down, we've got, uh, some of the, what I call the aggregator sites. So home advisor Angie's list Yelp. These are sites just listing other remodeling contractors. This is really interesting. So let's talk about why these sites rank, you see these sites ranking in a lot of industries and in the more competitive the industry, the more aggregator sites will be ranking likely because there's more, uh, just more people going after that space cause it's more profitable.

So if you look at travel, if you Google flights, you know, CVG to PDX, Uh, in Google, you will not see any airlines ranking. Maybe it maybe like number 10. I think sometimes Southwest pops up down there. Number 10, maybe Delta, depending on where you're at, but you're not going to see any airlines ranking in the top, like nine spots.

It's all aggregator sites like TripAdvisor Expedia, Google flights now has Google has their own flights product at the very top. And the reason you're not gonna see that is because an aggregator is actually a better experience for the user. So, if you think about it, if I'm looking for a flights, you know, if I Google flights from CVG to PDX, I'm probably look, I think about my mindset at that point in time, I'm probably price shopping.

I'm looking for a flight that's around the time I want to leave. I'm probably not looking for a Delta flight because if I wanted a Delta flight, I would've searched Delta CVG to PDX. Right. And then I probably would see Delta as a website show up if they're doing good SEO work, but, uh, uh, If I'm just searching flights from CVD to PDX, I'm probably looking to shop around a little bit.

And so an aggregator site showing me flights from. A bunch of different airlines and a bunch of different times, and a bunch of different prices is going to meet my need better than any one airline can meet it. And so you see that with a lot of searches, a lot of searches have what I call list intent, which means they're just looking for a list of shit, like a list of remodeling contractors, or a list of flights to choose from.

And so that's the same thing here since Cincinnati remodeling contractors, you know, If I wanted to look up this Kesler construction, I would have searched Kessler construction. I would have not, I would not have searched Cincinnati remodeling contractors. So that's why you see a lot of aggregator sites.

And typically you'll see the more competitive the industry, the more aggregator sites you'll see, because there's more aggregator sites going after that industry because there's more money to be made in it. Um, but I actually think eventually, like Google is just. Every, every search is slowly moving toward this, this, uh, this front page search results where it's nothing but aggregator sites.

I think Google is actually going to have to change that at some point in time. Um, Cause they're just gonna be a directory for aggregator sites eventually. But anyway, that's what you see happening here. And this is important because if you're a remodeling contractor, it's going to be really, in some cases, it's going to be really difficult to outrank the aggregator sites because they are providing a better service or a better experience for the user searching.

For what they offer, which, and, you know, in this case, Cincinnati remodeling contractors, I'm looking for a list. So, um, people who are providing a list are going to do better. Now there's a little hack you can do. If you're actually a remodeling contractor, you can list other remodeling contractors, maybe you don't list your top competitors or something like that.

That's actually a little trick we use to really quickly get ranked when we might not otherwise when it might be a lot harder. Um, so that's what you see here. These aggregator sites. If I was a remodeling contractor, I would make sure I was listed on these because. Uh, you know, unless you get creative or aggressive with it, or you're just really good at SEO, you're probably not going to outrank these guys.

Um, so then we go down and we see, uh, we see some of these other contractors. So let's take a look at some of their pages there's house. That's another aggregator. Let's take a look at some of these sites and talk about what we could do to improve their ranking. So, one thing we did, one thing I just mentioned that I would do on all these sites is I would list remodeling contractors.

Now. Some, some organizations are a little hesitant to talk about their competitors. Why not? Like if I'm already Googling Cincinnati remodeling contractors, I'm going to find your competition. I'm going to find them. Google's going to give me that list. Why don't I control the list? If I'm the remodeling contractor, why don't I control the list that you find?

That way I can put my most legit competitors. I can keep them off the list, uh, and the ones that are maybe serving a different end of the market, maybe the super high end or the super low end. If I'm in the middle. Uh, we can put those guys on the list and then we're not really showing competition. The other thing is, you know, that's gonna potentially get us ranked above these other aggregators sites.

So that's a little trick you can do, uh, that is often effective. Um, but you know, it requires a little bit of, uh, uh, understanding, I guess, on the, on the client side. Um, if you're gonna, if you're going to take that approach. So that's, I mean, that's the, that would be the easiest thing. That would be the first thing I would do.

Um, And I would definitely do that if I was new, if I was the underdog, if you're the underdog in search, I've said this before, it's really hard to rank. And so, um, I w you kind of have, you have to come up with sort of aggressive tricks and try to figure out, you know, do what you can do. And I would absolutely do that if I was the underdog, because it could mean getting ranked in six months instead of four years, um, or two years or whatever, depending on how aggressive you are with your other marketing.

Alright, so. Let's take a look at Kessler construction. So first of all, Kessler construction, your website is not very good looking. Uh, if I'm thinking about somebody who's in the market for remodeling services, they're going to be looking for, they're probably going to be primarily visual in what they're looking for.

So, yeah. There aren't a ton of industries where you have to have a really beautiful website. Um, and you certainly don't have to have a really beautiful website in remodeling, but it's probably gonna help you a lot. Um, it's probably gonna help you a lot. Uh, and in fact, you'd probably do better to just have some super minimalist design, like the frame, the wrapper of the website, just be this really, really minimalist, um, really minimalist design, but something that still looks.

Sort of elegant, right. Um, and then just spend all your money on professional photos. Like this photo right here. I would never, in 10 million years put that photo on my homepage. If I was a remodeling company, it's horrifying. It was taken with a cell phone. It's literally, I mean, it's an inch wide by an inch tall, like.

Terrible. So these photos I should land on this page, the experience you want me to have, if, uh, if I'm, uh, uh, remodeling a potential remodeling customer, especially one, that's going to hire a company, right? If I'm on the low end, uh, this isn't that important, but if I'm going to spend 50 grand on my remodeling project, may I put in some effort into these photos?

It's not that hard, like pay a photographer to go out. For a day, go shoot all your shots or just get a camera on somebody who knows how to operate it. Um, and some lights and before and after every single project have before and afters for every single project and make sure those before and afters are beautiful, like gorgeous.

They should be, I should land on this page and immediately be blown away, like immediately think. Whoa, that's incredible. So that is the biggest thing that stands out about this site. Um, Now, you know, SEO wise, there's probably some other things we could do, but I mean the ranking on the first page. So I, I'm not sure I would put a ton of effort into that unless I was going to go with that list of remodeling contractors idea.

But yeah, I mean, look at, you know, strange fonts that G looks like a foreign character, uh, like, you know, blurry, blurry photos. Like literally, I can't even see what these, like, what is this somebody's wall look at the size of that photo. Yeah, lots to improve here, but, but visual, primarily when people land here, I mean, it all, you would have to do timely, affordable, trusted again, you know, if you're trying to hire a company, do I want affordable?

Maybe these guys are cheap, maybe they're affordable and that's really what they're going for. But you know, then I just hired Jim down the street, who does remodeling work for his side job. Um, The customers, you know, if I'm a remodeling company, the customer I'm trying to go after is, is spending 50 to $100,000 on their project.

You know, this over here looks like a locker room. I'm sure that wasn't cheap. Look at this. How much was this project right here? Look at this. Look at this kitchen. It's beautiful. It's freaking beautiful. I mean, that, that had to have cost 30 grand. My guess would be, I think that's, yeah, that's not, I don't know much about the, the materials here, but that looks impressive to me.

And yet we're, we're running with a, how wide is this photo? 400 pixels wide. It's taken probably on a cell phone. Like guys, give me a break. You should have a virtual freaking walkthrough of this project. If it was 30 grand, spent a thousand dollars and get a virtual walkthrough done so I can look and I can zoom in on the materials and I can see the entire thing, like spend the money.

Spend the money. Um, but yeah, you could make the entire front page just unbelievably gorgeous photography, uh, virtual walkthroughs or something, depending on the project of your work. And that's 80% of your website. You would not need that much more stuff, um, to really, uh, really drive a much bigger result.

Uh, okay. So here's what I'm talking about. These guys are doing it well, like. You know, I land on this site. I'm not, you know, I mean, this is the thing, this is why it's not that hard. Because if you look at this house, I mean, this is not like an unbelievable looking house. It's not like a $30 million house.

I didn't land on this and see that house and say, Oh my God, is that Kobe Brian's house? Like, it's not that at all, but it's like this it's, it's simple, but the way everything is put together just feels more refined. It feels more elegant. It feels, um, it feels like a remodeling. Uh, contractors should feel, um, now they're going after general contracting.

Uh, I like how they have get a free quote at the top. That's good. Uh, Oh, this is a carousel. Yeah. Don't put carousels on your website. They've been tested extensively. Uh, let me, let me correct that the only reason to put carousels on your website is if for some reason your customer thinks carousels look cool.

Sorry. I got a robo vac starting up in the, in the other room. So carousels are, um, they've been tested pretty heavily to be useless. They're they're pointless. Uh, the only thing that they do is they do, you know, there's something like about a sliding masthead image that kind of looks cool. And this is why people like to like to put them in.

I would really try to avoid this if at all possible, because what's going to happen. The only way I would do this is if, if again, you, you were appealing to a customer who thought it looked cool. So like, if you're a design agency, You know, 80% of customers think carousels look cool. So if you're a design agency, I would consider actually putting a carousel in your head.

Or even though it's not going to do anything, but the thing is they've tested these extensively. Almost nobody is going to click that link. I mean, half the most people are not even gonna see these little tiny arrows and these little tiny dots. So they're not. So unless it rotates automatically, they're not going to see it at all.

Um, but even if they see it, most of them don't click it. Why? Because when I land on a remodeling contractor's website, I don't land there and say, Ooh, let me scroll through. Whatever these are these headlines, these basically advertisements at the top. Now, if you turn this into a gallery, if this was your gallery and like, that's how I got through it.

And that was obvious. Maybe there's some little thumbnails down here then that would, um, that would be more appealing, but you know, just a regular carousel. Don't do it unless you just have some weird reason to do it. Um, okay. 25 years experience. I like that leading with leading with experience. I think that's probably going to be important in this space.

Why choose us. This website is really well done from a, uh, an information architecture standpoint. If you don't know what I mean by that, I mean, the organization of the information on the site is, is, well it's really well thought through. So you can think about it like this. Think about your target customer.

When they land on your website, what is the step by step process? You want them to go through? Like, ideally like from a fee standpoint of their feelings, like, what are they feeling. When they land on the site, what are they expecting when they land? So typically the way we'll do this is just map out our, what, what is the customer landing on this page?

Where are they coming from? Who are they? Um, you know, did they just Google, uh, Cincinnati remodeling contractors and then land on this page? Well, if that's the case and the first thing we want to do is make sure they know that we're a remodeling contractor, make sure they know that this is what we do, and they landed on the, on the right site.

So they're kind of accomplishing this giant image of a house is a pretty quick way to do that. Imagery tends to, uh, It always gets processed faster than text. So you can communicate that you're remodeling contractor just by showing a remodeling job or something sort of in that realm. Um, so they're doing that well with this image that that's going to immediately tell me I'm in the right place.

I didn't land on some random site that I didn't mean to land on. Um, that's a really surprisingly common mistake. You know, people will have, I mean, honestly like this other site that we looked at Kessler, let's look at it again.

Yeah, so I mean, it's, it's fine. It tells me what it, what it's, uh, you know, it tells me that I'm on a remodeling contractor site or a construction site, so that it's answering that question just fine, I think. But sometimes you see sites and you're like, like, if you cannot look at the site and within like a half a second, have a pretty good idea of what that website is or who the company is, then you gotta change something.

It should be instantaneous. So that's the first thing. The second thing I want to know as a, as a remodeling customer is probably like a, do they do good work? Uh, which there's a lot of stuff wrapped in on that. So can I see pictures and examples and test customer testimonials before and after stuff like that?

Uh, there should just be an almost unlimited amount of that stuff. Uh, and then, uh, the second question I probably have is like, how long have they been doing this? That's kind of related to the, do they do good work? Um, the other things I might want to know is do they do projects my size, like, do they have experience in my space?

So, um, maybe I'm going after specific design style and I want to go find images on that. Um, so let's skim through the, the, the page, but why choose a, they're kind of addressing all those points, um, here pretty well. So they're telling me they're a contractor. Um, they're telling me they have 25 years experience.

Although I would probably turn that. This is probably not what I would lead with. I would probably make this the small text and make the 25 years the big text, because that's really what, uh, you know, we want to communicate is how much experience we have. Why choose us? I like that. Although these don't go anywhere.

These are just, so these look like links that would normally go to another page explaining. More information here. These don't go anywhere. Um, and that's, it's a weird experience. Like I expected to click this and land somewhere, so, okay. You have extensive experience. Everybody says that, like, what does that mean up here?

You're you're saying 25 years. This should take me to a page of like an, about us page, which they might have. Um, it should take us to the about page that like explains, uh, who we are not using shitty stock photos off the internet. Um, Do not save that to my desktop. So yeah. Don't you shitty stock photos off the internet, like on your, about us page?

Um, at least get good ones that don't look like stock photos, uh, and show me your picture. Like show me who you are. Uh, and then, Oh, here. Okay, here we go. So you gotta put this up top, man. Y'all are good. Looking, put this up top. Y'all have experience. I don't want to see some stock photo. I want to see your face and like your experience and who you are and your background.

This section right here is the, is the money section on this page. And it should really be at the top. Mmm. You know, maybe some of this other stuff, but honestly you could, you could ditch this entire top section entirely,

but anyway, this, this extensive experience section should rank. Or should link to that about page. Maybe have a little blurb down here too. Over 25 years, learn more. I'm dedicated to the job. What the hell does that even mean? Everybody's dedicated to the job. Would any remodeling contractors say they're not dedicated to the job?

It's fluff quality materials. I hope so. But again, everybody's saying that, so you kind of have to expand on these. If, if these are actually going to be your sort of value propositions, you have to expand on these and tell me like, why, like, why is why you're dedicated to the job? What does that mean? Um,

Yeah, that's going to help a lot. So our work, I love this, but you know what I would do, I would move this to the top. May, maybe. I would probably what would I do? Yeah, because let's think through the thought process of somebody trying to hire a modeling contractor, they land on a website first. We need to make sure that they know they're on the right site.

Right. They actually landed on a remodeling contractor's website and we do what they're looking to do. Um, the quickest way to do that is this big ass Ted here. And you know what we do. And then I would probably put at the gallery next because my, my next thought process is going to be one of a few things probably going to be, do they do what I want?

You know, specifically, maybe I only want my bathroom or my kitchen remodel, or maybe I need to redo my entire house, or maybe I just bought this a foreclosure and I'm trying to flip it and I need somebody to come in and redo the whole thing. Um, so my next step is going to be like, are they, are they, do they do that specific kind of work?

Right? Cause they might not do everything. Um, And then design style. That would be another one. Like, do they, or have they done stuff that is either aligned with what I like or is actually following a style that I'm going for? Um, and then I'd probably get into this experience stuff. Cause this experience stuff like 25 years, this stuff's super important, but for, for somebody shopping for remodeling work, the primary thing is going to be like, do these guys do what I do and do or do what I need and then do they do good work?

Um, and let's see examples and before and afters, and then after that, once I I'm satisfied with that, then I'm like, okay, well that's great. Do they have enough experience? Are they professional? You know, have they worked on big projects? Like, let me, let me sort of like. Uh, you know, reference, check these guys or whatever, make sure that they kind of know what they're talking about.

So I'd probably put this gallery up toward the top. I, let me, let me click a few of these. Oh, I love how they get the set up too. So the gallery shows so they could get lazy with this and just show this one picture for each project. But what they did is if you click additions, it goes to a gallery of additions.

Which functions a little wonky, but, um, but not bad. This is cool. Outdoor fly over. That's awesome. Again, I do like a, some kind of virtual walkthrough tore thing. I'm clicking on decks. So yeah, they'll show all the deck projects. This is good enough. I mean, honestly it doesn't have to be perfect and the images look good.

Like they clearly you can see from like the wide angle, they clearly either took these themselves with a good camera. I guess they could have done it with the new iPhones. They have pretty good wide angle lens now.

Yeah. These might be iPhone photos and they look good. They look, they look totally fine. I don't think they need to be the, uh, a whole lot better than this. Um, these look good. Yeah. Uh, this photo is great. Overall, this website is pretty well done. I wouldn't change a lot, but I would probably move the gallery up top.

I would, you know, obviously make some of these things that appear to be links to other pages, be actual links to other pages. Um, but yeah, overall pretty good site. Let's check out the English contractor. Don't you know, you're in Cincinnati full. No, I'm just kidding. What is OK. So, uh, they're, they're getting a little creative with the, with the headline.

That's not a good idea.

Um, this is a tendency, a lot of people that come from print advertising, uh, sort of translate a lot of that print and like newspaper. They sorta take a lot of that knowledge and then they try to transfer it online. And it's not the same channel. Um, you know, if your browser, if you're flipping through a newspaper, I mean, honestly, welcome.

Home's not gonna catch capture my attention. I know, eh, it's not terrible. Like, let's be honest. Welcome home. It does have like a, Hey welcome, welcome to your new home sort of feel or something. I would almost call this, welcome to your new home or something like that. Um, if I was going to go this direction, but creative titles are, are, are challenging because almost across the board, they will increase bounce rates, um, which can lead to lower search rankings, uh, lower conversion rates, all that kind of stuff.

Because if you think about it, Your website is primarily a tool. It's a tool to help me as the customer, looking for a remodeling contractor, it's a tool to help me do my job. Number one, number two, it should impress me. So that means if you are, you know, if I see welcome home and then I see this sort of homey house, I see English contractor this.

Yeah. I mean, I guess it definitely, it doesn't not feel like a contractor site, but it's not as obvious as some of these other ones. Um, And, and maybe it's just this title. I think it's also sort of the English flag. I'm confused by that. Um, I'm guessing these people, maybe their English or something like that, but it's kind of confusing with that.

Uh, and again, you can ask yourself this, it, can I figure out what this isn't a half a second. Can I look at this and instantly know what it is, like feel what it is. And I mean, the easiest way to do that, just change this photo out for a beef to a before and after, right. That would be a simple way to do it, or a photo of actual construction work being done.

Um, and then I'd probably tweak this, this headline a little bit. I'd make that bigger. It's kind of hard to read. I like about us, but again, I'm probably looking at your, I'm trying to probably trying to find, look at your work first, first and foremost. Um, so they do quickly get into that, which is good. So let's take a look at the portfolio, the photos they have are excellent.

So these are really well done. Let's see if the rest are. So they have these broken out by project. That's good. Multiple photos for every project. You should definitely do that. Nice. So their photos are great. Like these are really well done. Good white balance. Like either they either have these done professionally or, um, you know, they know how to do this themselves and edit the photos themselves, but they're done.

Uh, they're done really well. And the work looks good. It's really sort of, it's got this modern. I know the subway tiles stuff in the bathroom is just super popular right now. Um, I mean, this is a fantastic looking portfolio page. What's amazing about this too, is this is what all the contractors should do.

They it's, they, they they've turned this project page into a story. So they're explaining like what, you know, they could probably expand on this too. I mean, honestly, you should turn. If you're a remodeling contractor, you should take every project. You do have the most amazing photos you've ever seen. And then tell the story of the project, turn that project into a case study, because that's going to give me more as a potential customer to connect with because as I'm going through here, like yeah, the photos are great.

That's awesome. Like you're doing amazing so far, but imagine if you told a story about that project and it's somehow like struck a nerve with me, maybe like. You know, you ran into some problem that I ran into on my last project, in my last contractor, like totally the project blew up because of that problem.

And then you talk about the same problem and how you solved it in, in such a marvelously fantastic way. Like that's going to sell, that's going to connect with that. So, um, turn these pages into like an opportunity to tell a story about every project, uh, because no doubt, every project is a story. If you've ever remodeled anything, it's.

A pretty big deal. Uh, so I would expand on these quite a bit. I would also change the URL. You can't see the URL, let me pull it into the screen here. It's just project one. So here's what I would do. I would change this to what someone would search for this project. So, uh, well there's a few things we would change.

So this appears to just be an image. Um, so there's not really any page title on here. Uh, we're talking like technical SEO stuff right now. Are these, yeah, these are actual texts, so that's good. I actually liked the font. I think it fits there the style of the site and what they're going for really well. I think, I think generally the design work on this site is pretty good.

The photography is pretty good. Um, but I would change this. So this is expanded master bathroom. So I would call this. Ooh, I like what they're doing up here. We can see the title, Indian Hill expanded master bathroom. That's beautiful. Cause people are gonna search, you know, Indian Hill remodeling contractor or something like that.

Uh, or, you know, if you're Indian in Indian Hill, you might be searching for Indian Hill related stuff and then master bathroom remodel, they're doing, they're doing well with the, uh, the meta title on that page. I would change the URL to something a little bit better, although URLs, you know, it's not gonna make a huge difference, but I would definitely change this title.

I like how they have Indian Hill, but I don't think this is real text. I think this is an image, which means the search engine is not going to read this for the most part. Um, and not going to put much weight into that. So you can get a little bit of an SEO boost by turning this image into a background image and then putting re real text on top of it.

And then man, expand the heck out of this. Just make it a in depth case study that links to their contact page. Okay. So not too bad. I mean, their site looks pretty damn good for the most part. Let's check out this Hyde park edition. Yeah. Again, so here you can see the meta title they're using Hyde park, whole house renovation.

That's awesome. They're they're putting key words into their project, uh, portfolio meta titles. Again, I changed the URL there. I would change this. So this is real readable text. Build insight, broad view. Oh, what is this? They've got little video stories. I'm not going to bore you and watch the whole thing.

You can come check it out. That's really good. That's awesome. Good for them. Uh, this is excellent. This is great. This is awesome. Yeah. I mean, these guys are doing a great, great job. Just a few, you know, a few little changes. I would probably make, Oh my God, are these guys on HGTV? Please tell me you are, watch the English contractor debut.

Oh, yo, you got to lead with this. You got to lead with this. This should be the number one thing on your site. These, these guys are on HGTV. I don't know the extent of it. I'm not going to like look in detail at that page, but that should be the top thing on this website. Um, look we're on HDTV. Cause that, that just answers every fear that the customer had in one fell swoop.

Right? If you're on HDTV, well, you've got social proof. You're famous. There's this whole, like, I want to work with them. That automatically increases the desire for people to want to work with you. It increases the value of your a, or how much you can charge. Um, Yeah. I mean, it answers every answer. Are these guys reliable?

Do they know what they're doing? Are they sort of, I mean, remodeling, this is a space. I talk about search experience, credence. Um, remodeling is a credence service. It's sort of a little bit of an experience service. I've talked in the past about search experience. Credence and lawyers are really a credence service because I get a contract from a lawyer.

I have no, even after I got it, I have no idea if it was a good contract, I would have to go to court to actually defend the contract, to find out if it was a real, a really, really a good one. Um, that's pure credence service. These guys are like somewhere in between experience and credence, where you can look at a kitchen remodel and say, wow, that looks amazing.

But. There's a lot of stuff you don't know. Like, I don't know if you cut corners. I don't know if you're like truly certified or whatever it is. I don't know. Like, did you choose, did you just sell me this material? Because it was the most expensive and not because it's actually the one that would be the best in the house or the most valuable.

So there's sort of in between experience and credence. And one thing we know about creating services is third party expert reviews are massively important. Like hugely effective. So at H G being on HDTV is in effect a third party expert testimonial from probably the, what most people view as the number one authority on, in this space, uh, HDTV, I mean for better or worse, that's, that's the deal.

So I would lead with that. I would have that shit plastered all over my website. It would be the number one thing at the top. Look, we're on HDTV. I'd link to the episode. It would be everywhere. Other than that, these guys are doing a really, really, really Epic job. Um, who else? That's fortune 500. Did we lose everything?

I think that, I think those are the only ones we clicked on there's frozen Berry jam. I was making. Um, so that's good. I'm going to cut this. I'm gonna cut this off now, so you can see what we would do. There's some things here for usability, some things here for thinking through, uh, your customer, some things here related to SEO, but the really important thing that we thought through is, you know, who's going to search our target keyword.

Are they actually our customer? This is a really important question because it's not always, and in this case we saw that. Yeah, our customers probably in there, but in all likelihood, most of the people are not our target customer. Most of the people searching. This are probably smaller, uh, um, smaller, smaller jobs, which actually that, that gives me a perfect, a great idea for that list.

If we did a list post of remodeling contractors, I would list all the smaller guys. So I would, I would help all those people looking for a smaller project. By giving them a list of a bunch of really good, reliable, smaller, uh, contractors, you know, like one person shops and, and give that to them because then what's going to happen is all those people are going to bookmark that page.

They're going to come back to it over and over. And that page over time, Google is going to see that happening and slowly, that page is going to start ranking. And then at the top we can put ourselves and say, Hey, are you looking? Do you have a job? You know, above 10, 10, 10 grand. W w Hey, we got you. We got you.

So, uh, and then, you know, get them to get those people to contact you. That's probably what I do in this space. Um, but yeah, we also talked about, uh, what you thinking about what your target audience is looking for and thinking through that sort of step by step thought process they're going to go through and how you can, you know, step one, make sure that, make sure they know they're on the right website.

Step two, make sure they know what you're doing, uh, and who you are. Step three, what is the primary thing they're paying attention to in this case? It's probably going to be like, do they do good work? I want to see photos, that sort of thing. Um, yeah, that's it guys. Sue.

John Crenshaw
John Crenshaw
UFO company founder. 15+ years experience in performance marketing.
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