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Opening up this window company’s digital strategy resulting in solid revenue growth.

The Challenge

Windows Direct, a manufacturer-direct dealer of replacement windows, doors, and bathroom remodeling products, sought a partner to help drive more leads for their services. They reached out to us for our comprehensive digital marketing expertise. We helped guide them towards big results with recommendations in UX, paid/organic search, content strategy, and branding strategy.

I started using UFO in 2014. My business had $500k in annual sales, we now do over $7m in annual sales and the majority of our marketing has been digital which John and UFO handled our PPC, SEO, & website. I’d recommend for sure!
– Chris Carey, Owner, Windows Direct USA

UX Testing and Optimizations

The typical way websites get redesigned is to redesign and restructure everything all at once, which poses risks in performance. To minimize that risk, we often advise clients to make incremental design, UX, and IA improvements over time, testing to ensure performance doesn’t take a hit. This isn’t always practical, but on this project it was. Incremental UX testing and improvements led to a 20% increase in sitewide conversion rates from all traffic sources, pushing an already high conversion rate to 12% from paid media. That means this site outperforms 90% of all websites on the internet.

To achieve this we:

  • Drove high quality traffic. This is essential. You can drive all the traffic in the world but if it doesn’t convert then it’s meaningless. We used advanced targeting in paid search and social, making those channels work together to drive the most leads at the least cost.
  • Used geolocating to drive a hyperlocal strategy to create a personalized message. By automatically updating content on the page, including the phone number, to match it to the visitor’s specific town within our target area to stand out in a sea of competition.
  • Split tested landing pages to determine what combination of design, layout, copy, and imagery would not only drive the most leads, but also ensure lead quality remained high.
Incremental design, testing and improvements over time, can help ensure performance doesn’t take a hit, while working within a budget.

Paid & Organic Search

The bulk of the digital effort was focused around paid and organic search and paid social advertising. All channels saw a 200% increases in lead volume, resulting in a 55% increase in revenue in the last year. This company grew from almost brand new, doing $500k in revenue, to a regional leader in 5 years doing $7 million.

Avoiding losing strategies can often be just as important as finding winning ones.

Boosting Branding, avoiding direct response

This company wanted to drive measurable improvements in leads. However, last touch attribution measurements tend to focus resources on direct response at the expense of brand building. We’d strongly encourage any window company to do brand advertising, particularly TV. This client continued to work with a 3rd party agency on local TV advertising, which resulted in significant improvements in traffic, leads, and conversion rates in those markets. We couldn’t convert those leads without digital, but TV and other brand building activities can help dramatically reduce cost per lead.

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