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Driving traffic–and sales–for a leading parking provider.

ROAS (Return on Ad Spend)
INCREASE IN site traffic
Increase in eCommerce Revenue

The Challenge

In 2014, Fast Park, an airport parking provider, was looking for an SEO partner to launch a new eCommerce site allowing customers to book parking online. We worked alongside 3rd party design and dev agencies, successfully launching their site without experiencing the temporary drop in traffic that is so common on typical site redesigns.

The launch was a success; however, as the brand continued to position themselves as the innovative airport parking provider, we saw more opportunities to help them walk-the-walk.

Triple-digit % revenue growth since 2014.

The Breakthrough

A key to our success through the years has always been a shared hunger to do better. Since 2014, we’ve partnered with Fast Park to help grow their business by strategically differentiating their message from the competition and continuously improving their site experience through ongoing testing.

Split Testing/CRO

We’ve run a number of split tests of UX changes that have resulted in both significant ROI and knowledge about visitors that will help inform future tests. Making incremental changes over time with clear hypotheses and results has helped us create efficient plans for improvement with little risk.

Keys to an efficient campaign:
Know your audience. Find the right targeting. Serve the right media.

Establishing authority in a targeted, approachable way.

As the busiest airport in the US, their Atlanta location offered a unique challenge. The lot serves the international terminal, however, domestic travelers with carry-on only are able to check in international, effectively bypassing the crowds at the domestic terminal – a challenging value proposition to communicate.

In a category where everyone communicates the same benefits – fast, easy-to-use parking solutions – Fast Park could prove their authority by explaining how. We recommended to the team a simple solution – create an explainer video and serve it through a carefully targeted ad campaign. This plan allowed us to communicate a complex message to domestic travelers effectively. This efficient strategy was estimated to improve revenue by 7%.

The Result

By being a nimble, well rounded strategic partner, we’ve helped grow organic search traffic 66%, doubled paid search traffic (+100%), more than doubled ecommerce revenue from both paid and organic search (+127% and +151% respectively), and provided UX guidance that assisted in doubling ecommerce conversion rates over that period.

Additionally, we’ve seen growth in the following areas:
• 800% ROAS
• 103% increase in conversion rates
• 166% increase in SEO traffic
• 201% increase in site traffic
• 151% increase in eCommerce revenue

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