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Content strategy and SEO research, training, and consulting, for Xavier University's in-house marketing team.

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Xavier University
November 2019

Xavier University originally contacted us to help train their internal marketing team on SEO. They went through our self-paced online SEO training course and then the team got a little busy with other work so they hired us to help with content planning to implement what they learned.

We did the SEO research and content planning, and provided Xavier with keyword and topical research as well as proposed simple wireframes for how these pages should be laid out to best meet the needs of searchers.

The project is still in flight, but we've already seen strong improvements in traffic and rankings.

Part of my job entails figuring out how our office does or does not address or employ digital marketing practices. As marketers in higher education, I feel like we’re excellent at making brochures, billboards and commercials. But it’s a mistake to spend all our time on those items and disregard digital marketing practices and opportunities. [UFO has helped us] take actionable next steps for improvement and align our SEO strategies with best practices in the industry.

- Jen Saltsman, Senior Digital Content Strategist, Xavier University

One of the topics we researched was the Crosstown Shootout. This annual basketball game between Xavier and the University of Cincinnati is one of the biggest rivalries in the NCAA. Our research revealed that there is a decent amount of search volume for this term especially around the time of the game. Xavier  had a big opportunity to rank #1 if they built a page that served as a complete guide to the game including basic information, how to buy tickets, history of the series, and past scores.

Here's the resulting annotated wireframe providing basic content direction based on this research (pictured on the left) that the Xavier team used to write and design the webpage (pictured on the right).

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