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Invisible Fence
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Fetched big wins for the leading invisible fence brand.

tripled LEADS in the first 3 months of the campaign

The Challenge

Invisible Fence, a national pet protection distributor, needed help battling increased competition from Amazon and other eCommerce sites.  We proved our strategic digital marketing chops through highly effective paid media campaigns and optimizations to their landing pages.

Not only did we prove to be an effective executor of the work, but we helped the franchisees and distributors navigate the challenges of their business structure to find more strategic ways to reach their audience and meet their core customer needs.

Reducing costs per click by 42% and more than tripling leads in the first 3 months

The Breakthrough

The unique structure of the Invisible Fence Brand requires distributors to manage the marketing for their own region yet use the national site template. Because of this, our direct client that served the Eastern part of the United States was unable to set up normal conversion tracking methods in their global CMS. This is a common yet big problem for franchisees and distributors that report to a national corporate group.

We devised a method of tagging URLs with each lead submitted. Then, we used a Google sheet to parse the URL parameters to calculate standard metrics like lead quantity, cost per lead, etc., and attribute them to the correct campaigns, ad groups, ads, and keywords within Google and Bing Ads. This allowed us to improve campaign performance and dramatically reduce costs for the group. We tripled leads in the first three months of the campaign. Over the next four years, we reduced costs per click by 42% and more than doubled total, sitewide leads per month by 136%.

Improving landing pages by identifying core customer needs

Because of our success with our regional clients, the national corporate group invited us to further improve their digital presence by optimizing their paid media landing pages. Once receiving the keys to the site experience, we were able to improve tracking and help identify core customer needs based on the behaviors we were observing. This data collection allowed us to make key optimizations that ultimately led to a 44% increase in conversion rates for all paid campaigns. The results sound like a lot, but the initial wins can be huge if you haven’t done much customer research or conversion rate optimization on landing pages.

Customer research and conversion rate optimizations can fetch huge wins.

The Result

With strategic optimizations and savvy for the entire digital customer experience, we were able to optimize Invisible Fence’s digital presence with dramatic results:
• More than doubled leads (107%)
• 42% decrease in cost per click
• 44% increase in conversion rates
• 136% increase in paid + non-paid conversions

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