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Creative ideas and testing can lead to insights that drive massive performance improvements in a short period of time.

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March 2019

Website redesign

We consulted with a 3rd party design / dev team on the SEO / IA portion of a complete website redesign. As a result of careful planning, the site did not see the initial traffic drop that so often occurs after a redesign. Instead, traffic started increasing right away.

Immediate improvements in paid search

Fecon was already running paid search when they came to us. Major restructuring of the paid search account led to a 2/3 reduction in costs with no loss in lead quantity or quality. We did this in the first month.

Doubling leads from organic search

Ongoing SEO resulted in a more than doubling (110% increase) of organic search traffic, as well as huge improvements in YouTube video rankings. Organic traffic improvements don't always drive increases in leads. To ensure new traffic converted at the same rate, we focused our SEO efforts at bottom-of-funnel search terms. This led to lead quantity doubling alongside traffic.

Creative ideas can drive massive improvements

Sometimes a single creative idea can have a huge impact. One unusual idea we had sparked a series of changes that led to an immediate and sustained 250% increase in leads in a single month. Additional ideas that grew from that further improved performance, which ultimately played a major part in a 60% increase in revenue that year.

Design, UX, social media

We also consulted with the Fecon team and worked on design, UX, and big brand campaign ideas that helped drive strategy and results across the digital space.

New website design on tablet with previous website design on laptop in background
Stumpex ad campaign mockup
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