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Cut costs while doubling leads for an agricultural machinery manufacturer.

Drop in PPC Costs in Month 1
Increase in SEO Traffic
Increase in website leads

The Challenge

Fecon, a heavy-duty forestry equipment producer, was seeking a partner to help them with their SEO, PPC as well as discover whether a new product line would be of interest to their niche audience.

By allowing us to take the reigns of their SEO, PPC, UX, Design, and Creative campaign development, we helped drive results and develop a strategy for new products across their digital space.

Cut PPC costs by 66%. Doubled leads from SEO.

A Foundation of SEO and PPC Optimizations

Fecon was already running paid search when they came to us. Major restructuring of the paid search account led to a 2/3 reduction in costs with no loss in lead quantity or quality. We did this in the first month.

Ongoing SEO resulted in a more than doubling (110% increase) of organic search traffic, as well as huge improvements in YouTube video rankings. Organic traffic improvements don’t always drive increases in leads. To ensure new traffic converted at the same rate, we focused our SEO efforts at bottom-of-funnel search terms. This led to lead quantity doubling alongside traffic. But that was just the beginning of the impact we would have for Fecon’s business.

Increasing total leads by another 250%

Discovering interest for a new product line in real time

Balancing the art and science of Paid Media and Creative ideas can have a huge impact on results. After consistent success with SEO and PPC Optimizations, Fecon came to us to help them discover whether their new product line of Stumpex stump grinder attachments would be of interest to their niche audience. We developed a testing plan and creative to confirm interest that included display ad and landing page optimizations.

Through a series of messaging and imagery tests, we were able to create digital creative that reflected the brand but also maximize CTR to increase campaign reach. This flexibility allowed us to land on a concept that nearly doubled CTR and conversion actions.

The Result

During our time working with the Fecon team on SEO, PPC, design, UX, and big brand campaign ideas we were able to drive significant results quickly, and consistently:
• 66% drop in PPC costs in 1 month
• 110% increase in SEO traffic
• 280% increase in website leads
• 44% increase in conversion rates for all paid campaigns

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