Tisch Scientific

Annual growth rate (sustained for 5 years)
Increase in conversion rate
Increase in SEO traffic


Tisch Scientific has been a client since 2014. They're a B2B ecommerce company that provides lab equipment and filtration devices primarily to research and environmental labs. The site was originally built on Magento 1, and we're in the process of rebuilding it on Magento 2.

What we do

We manage most marketing for Tisch, including:

  • Ongoing development support (Magento 1 & 2)
  • Integrating client's back end systems (ERP, inventory, internal reporting, etc) with the Magento 1 & 2 ecommerce platforms
  • Marketing strategy
  • Design
  • On-site testing
  • All paid advertising
  • Some email
  • SEO
  • On-site content

We've set aggressive growth goals and have beaten them every year, maintaining a 24% annual growth rate since we began work on the project in 2014.

"We've met or exceeded goals on a regular basis...We've never failed at it...It's an immense amount of growth.

They have deep expertise in everything from SEO and PPC to analytics and conversion rate optimization and have really become an advisor to the marketing side of the business that we've found invaluable.

All that said, I think what sets them most apart from their competitors is their ability to integrate into their client’s business and their related passion for their profitability."

- Ken Schmaltz, Division Manager at Tisch Scientific, Inc.

Second redesign of ScientificFilters.com

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