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How just 3 pages of content increased search traffic 12x.

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Lindner Center of HOPE
July 2014

The client

Lindner Center of HOPE in Mason, Ohio, is a comprehensive, not-for-profit mental health center providing nationally recognized, patient-centered, scientifically-advanced care for individuals suffering with mental illness. In partnership with UC Health and the UC College of Medicine, Lindner Center of HOPE offers a true, elevated system of mental health care in Greater Cincinnati.

The project

We've worked with Lindner Center for the past 5+ years. When they first came to us, we had 2 goals:

  1. Optimize a  newly designed website that was about to launch for SEO and setup goal tracking and analytics.
  2. Improve search visibility for their residential mental health and addiction programs.

We actually came on board right before the new website was about to launch so our work on the site prior to launch was limited to setting up redirects and implementing analytics and goal tracking.

Once the new site launched, we saw what appeared to be a 50% drop in traffic from all sources. This can be a surprisingly difficult thing to diagnose if the old site no longer exists. will sometimes have a useful snapshot of the old site that you can use to troubleshoot. But they don't store copies of all old pages so it's a crapshoot as to whether you'll be able to figure out what's up from the version.

So we did some research to figure out what happened. This was actually the project that showed us how useful it can be to have a local copy of the old site on hand, but in this case, we didn't rip a copy. Ultimately, we got lucky: just happened to have a copy of the site that showed there were two copies of the Google Analytics tracking code installed for about 6 months leading up to the new site launch.

So traffic didn't drop, it was just getting double-counted prior to the new site launch. Phew. Awesome. One problem down.

Next, we set about improving search visibility for Lindner Center's residential mental health and addiction programs.

Increasing organic search traffic 12x

Lindner Center had content about their residential programs but that content wasn't a perfect match for the intent of people searching for the higher traffic keywords related to those programs. We proposed creating 3 new pages to better meet the intent of people searching those higher traffic keywords. The client liked the idea, we published the content, and within 12 months we were ranking nationwide for all of our higher traffic target keywords and traffic to the residential section of the website increased 12-fold.

Those 3 pages were now driving half of all the search traffic for the entire website.

Screen Shot 2020-04-20 at 1.30.34 PM
Traffic to the residential section of the website

How are such large increases possible? First, Lindner Center is a recognized leader in mental health and addiction treatment, so we knew the organization had the clout to get ranked nationally, it was just a matter of researching and publishing content to meet the intent of our higher traffic target keywords. This is very common: the leaders in a given industry always have a massive advantage in search because brand awareness plays such a big factor in search rankings.

All you have to do is figure out the intent of your target keywords and create content to meet that intent. That's what we did here, and it resulted in the site ranking at the top of Google nationwide for all of our higher traffic (but still very relevant) target keywords.

But did the traffic convert?

You can drive more traffic all day long, but if it's not leading to real results for the organization then what's the point? This new traffic didn't convert at quite the same rate (which is expected) but still drove 5x more contacts per month.

Screen Shot 2020-04-20 at 1.52.37 PM
Total contacts

Other work

In 2017 the site went through another redesign, and we played a much more active roll in that, planning the new site structure, SEO, and handling the logistics of relaunching a 3,000+ page site into a new site structure and design.

We've since continued to manage paid and organic search.

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