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Increasing visibility through site restructuring for a large in-home care services franchise.


The Challenge

Home Helpers is an extensive franchise system with over 250 locations around the country providing in-home care to those in need. They sought a strategic and technically savvy SEO partner who could make scaleable changes to their site to amplify every location’s visibility across the country efficiently – and we were ready to deliver.

Franchise websites are like SEO sleeping giants just waiting to be woken up.

The Breakthrough

Franchise websites are like SEO sleeping giants just waiting to be woken up. That’s because they often have separate pages or even entire mini-sites that live within the primary corporate site for every franchise location. And the bigger your site, the more leverage you have for SEO.

Every change you make is amplified by every location in the network. In this case, every change we made from UX improvements to content optimizations would be applied to over 250 individual franchise mini-sites.

Optimizing site structure is crucially important on a site this size. Done right, it can have a huge impact on performance.

The plan also included a roadmap to allow franchisees to edit their own mini-sites within the larger corporate site without damaging SEO rankings.


Within two months of implementing some of our initial recommendations, search visibility was up 2x. As we implemented more recommendations the following year, search visibility increased another 4x (to 6x from baseline).

New customer inquiries and new employment applications both more than doubled over the period (up 2.3x and 2.6x respectively).

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