Loadmaster Trailer Co

Increased leads
Decreased cost per lead
Decreased cost per click

Loadmaster came to us to improve the results they were getting from paid search with another agency. As soon as we took over management we identified some areas for improvement and got to work.


This is a seasonal business. Our peak month that first season was up 127% over the previous season.

The next season was up another 20%.

The next, another 5%.

In total, we nearly tripled leads in the first 3 years with only a 22% increase in cost.

Other notable metrics:

  • Tripled click through rate (CTR)
  • Cut cost per lead in half
  • Cost per click down almost 60%
  • Cost up only 22%

How we did it

The account was using automated CPA bidding. We thought the more granular control of manual bidding would allow us to get better results by controlling bids based on what our data said clicks were worth rather than what Google's system decided they were worth.

CPA bidding means Google will decide which search queries are mostly likely to convert and allocate spend to those. When you first switch to manual bidding, you're treating every keyword equally. Even with a good keyword list, it's a much different approach. It can lead to significant improvements, but it can also really hurt performance in the short term if you're not careful.

That was one a big challenge with this project: How do we change a core piece of how the campaign functions without hurting performance in the short term.

Account structure improvements, audience definitions, and ad testing drove the rest of the improvement.

"Within a month of switching to UFO to manage our extensive PPC campaign we saw impressive changes. Now a handful of months later and we have never had more lead generation from our website. Cost per conversion is way down...we're very happy with our decision to use UFO!"

- Megan Straw-Meisler, Owner, Loadmaster Trailer Co.

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