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We took over paid search management from another agency and immediately tripled leads for the same ad spend.

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Loadmaster Trailer Co
March 2017

Loadmaster came to us to improve the results they were getting from paid search with another agency.

As soon as we took over management we identified some areas for improvement and got to work.

We took over management in March of 2017. By July 2017, leads were up more than 3x without any change in budget.

Quite a few changes came together to make that happen. One of the bigger changes was to disable most of the automated features within Google Ads, such as CPA bidding where Google automatically adjust bids to hit a target cost per lead.

The primary use for the automated features within Google Ads is to a) make the system easier to use for, and hence ore attractive to new advertisers, and b) to take some of the manual work off your hands in a complex account.

We've tested automation vs. manual extensively; manual always wins in a test for results. And that's what was happening here: in trying the hit the target cost per lead, the automated algorithm was limiting the reach of the campaign. Disabling that alongside other changes drove 3x as many leads at a lower cost per lead than the algorithm was (unsuccessfully) trying to hit.

Within a month of switching to UFO to manage our extensive PPC campaign we saw impressive changes. Now a handful of months later and we have never had more lead generation from our website. Cost per conversion is way down...we're very happy with our decision to use UFO!

- Megan Straw-Meisler, Owner, Loadmaster Trailer Co
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