The company

The WEB Extreme Entertainment is a Family Entertainment Center with locations in West Chester and Dayton Ohio. They offer laser tag, go karts, mini golf, and mini bowling.

The problem

For any small business, it's easy to waste money on advertising that doesn't drive results.

Driving awareness amongst their target audience in the most efficient way possible is part art, part science.

They were working with another firm that wasn't achieving the results they needed when they reached out to us.

The solution

Digital advertising, particularly SEO, PPC, social, and email, allowed us to target families with kids much more accurately than we could using broadcast channels like TV or radio.

We created SEO content and PPC to drive clicks to the website for terms our customers were searching for.

We used remarketing and social to drive low cost brand awareness.

We used email marketing to keep in touch with existing customers and drive online reviews.

Tripled overall traffic to the site

We applied SEO & PPC best practices and set up measurement.

We used PPC to test ideas that we then applied to our SEO strategy, which allowed us to understand the intent that users had when searching for our target keywords. With this data, and some testing and refinement, our content strategy was able to drive huge traffic increases.

We also implemented conversion & call tracking to measure group event bookings over the phone or via registration form, newsletter signups, and clicks on the map / directions buttons on mobile devices.

Here are some of the highlights:

  • This website already had a healthy amount of traffic but were able to more than tripled overall traffic to the site.
  • Reduced PPC average cost per click on important keywords by 50-70%.
  • All service lines experienced 80% or greater traffic growth, including:
  • Birthday parties traffic increased 2,300%.
  • Team building / corporate events traffic increased 2,000%.
  • Laser tag traffic increased by 350%.
  • Go kart traffic increased 80%.
  • Mini golf traffic increased 500%.
  • Mini bowling traffic increased 300%.
  • Went from 2 keywords ranked #1 in Google to 50 keywords ranked #1

We managed to drive so much traffic to this site, SEMRush said our top online competitors are now national sites instead of our local competition:

They produced results that were far superior to any other company I've worked with. They put together a couple of strategies that moved us into the top 3 of the online search terms and refined our Google Ads campaigns to produce results that mattered.

- Jerry Weber, Owner, The WEB Extreme Entertainment
SEMRush thinks our primary competition is national sites
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