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Cleaned house, creating major efficiencies for a regional bank.

Increase in leads
Drop in cost per lead

The Challenge

Union Savings Bank, a regional bank serving Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, and Pennsylvania, was seeking to improve the performance of their paid search campaigns to increase mortgage leads. There were over 1,800 ad groups in Google Ads alone when we took over. This makes management difficult, so we started by simplifying the account structure, trimming 1,800 ad groups down to 16 with no drop in performance.

Google Ads campaigns can become overcomplicated. Simplify and focus on what really moves the needle.

The Breakthrough

Done well, a simple account structure makes things significantly easier to manage and opens up more testing opportunities. And that’s the key: You can’t possibly do proper testing on an account with 1800 ad groups.

Simplification allows for more rapid testing, and as a result, finds more changes that improve performance more quickly. Over time, your account will naturally become more complex, but this is done more deliberately with data collected.

Landing page improvements additionally led to a 37% increase in conversion rates from paid traffic. That means 37% cheaper leads – that alone can be the difference between a profitable and unprofitable campaign.

Redesigning a single landing page can lead to exponential additional value from paid advertising.
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The Result

Over the 12 months since we took over, performance has improved significantly. In fact, the campaigns are doing so well, the client was having a hard time keeping up and asked if we could pause or slow things down.
• Total leads nearly tripled (+177%)
• Cut cost per lead in half (-53%)
• Clicks more than doubled (+117%)
• Cut cost per click almost in half (-40%)
• Click through rate more than tripled (+210%)
• All for the same ad spend

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